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  " PERGAMON " thr regitrated trade mark of our olive oil and oil products is drived from the name of historical city of Pergamon Kingdom that existed in this geographical area which is now known Bergama.

Acording to archaeiogic discoveries it is thought that the establishment of Pergamon goes bact to 2000 BC. being under control of many different tribes this city had established its own kingdom in 283 BC. Attaloses who established this kingdom carried out this city to be the most promineton in the west Anotolia. Superiority of Pergamon over other civilisations of the ancient times was its library. This library contained more than 200 thousands parchment strous about science architecture and medicine.

This richness made it one of the world's fore most libraries.

Pergamon was also a source of wealth with its theatres, temples, schools, gymnasiums and health centre.

Bergama drives its name from the hellenistic Pergamon meaning " The people of high Land" This city was considered as a centre of science, knowledge and wealth. It was also famous for its trustfullness. The treasure of the Alexander the great was kept in the castle of Pergamon for a long time. Asklepion, the healt and cure centre of the city was known as aplace where the sick kept away from death. An inscription over the entrance is read "in the names of the Gods, death may not enter here" .

Production of olive oil in Bergama goes back 3500 years ago.

The reason of the excellence and uniqueness of Bergama olive oil depends on its climate, north-west to south-east winds, the diffrence between the temperatures of day and nihgt, unpolluted air and environment ( there aren't any industrial sites nearly), natural and organic cultivation, the aroma of tyme which grows widespead in the area.

For these and for many other reasons Pergamnon olive oil not only has been chiefly used as salad oil an cookery but also used as acuring medicine for various ilnesses.

Our product was first presented in the domestic market in 2004 and then in the international market in 2005. We proubly offer this genius olive oil to your satisfaction.

Pergamon olive oil is known for its high quality products. And we guarantee the quality and tastefullness of every bottle of oil we produce. A very precise care is given in every part of the production process.

Every single bottle of Pergamon olive oil is checked, tasted and labelled under the most healty conditions.

We also produce olive oil - based beauty soap.Which is a wonderful natural substance for cleaning. Because of the nature of olive oil this soap not only cleans but also nourish yoru hair and skin.



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